A Jewish Dialogue with Michael Sandel’s “Justice” — Part 1

Posted in DefaultTag by rabbijon on November 3rd, 2010

This is the first part of the recording of a session I led at LimmudBoston on Oct 31, 2010.  This podcast is geared to those who are interested in political theory.  The workshop looked at Jewish texts that overlap in some ways the philosophers in Michael Sandel's recent book Justice, which is itself based on a course that he teaches at Harvard and which was made into a PBS series as well (you can see his teaching at justiceharvard.org and many of his readings as well).  There is a source sheet that accompanies this session at http://rabbijon.typepad.com/files/limmudjustice.pdf.  Where there is back and forth between me and the group some of the participants may sound muted but it's actually not too bad.

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